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Microbiological laboratory "BIOPROLIPSIS"

The Microbiological Laboratory “BIOPROLIPSIS” of the Medical Microbiologist – Biopathologist GARAVELLA GIOULI, operates since the beginning of 2007 in a central location in Porto Rafti, with easy access, and aims to offer medical services of high reliability and validity.

High quality of medical services

Our well-equipped room with state-of-the-art analyzers, combined with our specialized and specially trained staff, can ensure you the ultimate support in terms of prevention and proper diagnosis. The Laboratory is particularly distinguished for the efficient management of blood samples in young patients (infants, toddlers).

Medical Examinations

Ultimate reliability with certified quality assurance procedures.

Basic tests are the foundation for assessing and monitoring your health. These include the basic measurements and analyses that provide important information about the state of your body.

The special tests we offer in our microbiology laboratory are an advanced approach for investigating specific diseases, monitoring treatments and evaluating your health in more specific areas.

Molecular testing is a modern and advanced method of diagnosis and evaluation in the field of microbiology. They are based on the analysis of genetic material (DNA, RNA) and other molecular elements present in biological samples.

About us

Speed, consistency, professionalism and a human face are our priorities to meet your needs, every time it is necessary.

State-of-the-art equipment

State-of-the-art equipment with certified analyzers from leading companies: abbott, menarini, sysmex.

Scientific information

Continuous scientific updating with methods and analyses based on the progress of science.

Contracts with Insurance Funds

Contract with EOPPY-EDEAP-Insurance funds through the iatrica network (210-3418888)

Special Examinations

Check-up - Modern special examinations -Molecular examinations, offering detailed information about your health status.

Many years of medical experience

Qualified scientific staff

Staff specialisation

Excellent blood sampling, on infants as well

High quality medical services

Whether you need regular check-ups or more complex medical treatments, we offer a wide variety of services to meet your health needs.


Modern laboratory medicine with a human face.

Repeated testing of samples where necessary.

Internal and external quality control.

Personal assessment of results with scientific excellence, treating each examinee as an individual case.

Use of barcode, lis and modern medical program (infomed).

Continuous control and maintenance of technological equipment in accordance with the standards of manufacturing companies.

Get informed about your health

Make an appointment for your examination

Preventive control is now an obligation of modern man to himself and society. The laboratory carries out all kinds of tests involving biological material. The taking of samples can be carried out during the whole opening hours of the clinic.

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38th km of Porto Rafti

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